• Bealouise16 gravityfalls

    I just signed myself in Gravity Falls Wiki and I found myself in this.... Gravity Falls RP Wiki. Two is always better than one.

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  • Bealouise16 gravityfalls

    I never realized that there are two Gravity Falls Wiki. I love my life. In the other hand, I hate my life.

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  • Gravityfan1931

    new here

    August 6, 2014 by Gravityfan1931

    now im new joined in august 6 im in the gravity falls wiki so here i ask questions so if you now pls if you now tell me in the comment gravityfan out! question

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  • Ickabod1100

    cant wait

    December 18, 2013 by Ickabod1100

    cant wait to contribute more

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  • HobbitsLover

    RP Episode idea

    November 27, 2013 by HobbitsLover

    Something that has LoTR characters and my RP character and Darwin revenger would be cool. There, Short sweet and to the point.

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  • Jake Pines

    Ignore The....

    September 2, 2013 by Jake Pines

    Just ignore every character I just made. I am really new to this thing on Wikki, so yeah, ignore mode on. *Boop!*

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  • Dipperfans

    It's was a normal day in the peaeful town named Gravity Falls. In the Mystery Shack, Dipper was reading 3 and Mabel is playing with Waddes then suddenly Dipper said:

    Dipper: Mabel, look! I found this in the journal.

    Mabel:Oh boy! Is that a magic headphone that can help us know what Waddles say.

    Dipper:Ah, Sorry but there's no such thing as a magic headphone.

    Mabel(sad):Oh, so what is it?

    Dipper: Look! It says about a magical floating and shining ball in the forest that gives us power of the universe. If we have it, we will do what ever we like.

    Mabel:I don't think it's a good idea.

    Dipper:Just think about the power we have, then you can have a magic headphone to know what Waddles say.

    Mabel:Really! Mabel is on the way.

    The twins travled to the deep…

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  • Haileytheheroine


    August 24, 2013 by Haileytheheroine

    Hey guys! Lemme just say one thing. This is an RP wiki! We're suppose to be RPing! So why not use your favorite OC or your only OC, act like them, and lets have some funn!

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  • Haileytheheroine
    • Dipper & Mabel walk down to the Mystery Shack main room.*

    Stan: Dipper, I need you to help Soos fix the car. Dipper: I don't know how to fix- Stan: Well, you've gotta brain in that head, you figure it out. Dipper- Fine. *tourists arrive* Stan: I'm gonna go distract the tourists with those wild animals in the forest. Wendy, if anymore tourists show up, entertain them. Or get Dipper. Wendy: *while reading a magazine* Sure. Stan: *groans* Mabel, watch Wendy. Mabel: *salutes Stan* Yes, sir! *Stan leaves the Shack* Mabel: Okay Wendy, spill it. Wendy: Spill what. Mabel: Details about your cousin. Wendy: Why? Mabel: I think Dipper has a mental crush on her. Wendy: Already? Mabel: That's what I said to him. Wendy: Well, she's nice, smart, adventur…

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  • Haileytheheroine
    • Dipper and Mabel enter the Mystery Shack with their clothes tore up.*

    Dipper: Man, who knew that regular wild animals were THAT vicious. Mabel: I surely didn't. Haha, I said "surely". :P

    • Wendy's leaning back in her chair behind the cash register reading a magazine. She looks over at Dipper and Mabel and notice their clothes.*

    Wendy: Woah, what happen to you guys? Dipper: Us? Oh, nothing. We were just- Mabel: Fighting some wild animals. Wendy: Sounds cool. Mabel: Yeah. Except Dipper got beaten up by a bunny. Haha. Wendy: Heheh, nice going, Big Dipper. Dipper: Heheh, shut up! *they all laugh* Wendy: Hey, I forgot to tell you guys, but my cousin is coming to town. Dipper: The one that works at the lumber mill? Wendy: There's actually quite a few…

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  • Dipper's Cat 707


    May 13, 2013 by Dipper's Cat 707

    I can't wait to start RPing here! I came here from the Gravity Falls Wiki, and I love Rping.

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  • Fight-Fighters-Growlithe

    Well, do you guys remember the episode 'Irrational Treasure'? The twins got a skeleton key, and I was just thinking, are they ever gonna use that thing? So, I'll ask for your imput on this one, whoever's reading. Do you think that they'll use it? Personally, I think yes. After all, something like that could come in really handy, like Mabel's (albeit only been used in one episode, the one she got it in) grappling hook. I hope they have both of those items in the season finale, or at least that they appear in some time or another in another episode than the one they were found in. That just seems like too good of an opportunity to miss, and it would be neat to see that kind of thing and think 'Wow, they were really building this plot!' becaus…

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  • Mf99k

    Anagrams and What-not

    March 30, 2013 by Mf99k

    Ok, so everyone knows about the Big Dipper, right? (stupid question, of course) But does everyone know the names of those stars? 7 main and Alcor, Mizar's buddy?









    and last and least Alcor

    anyway, sort of by accident, I noticed a sort of match up with these stars and places in North America. It had to do with Gravity Falls of course. So, if I were to match up the largest [active] volcano in the world, Piedmont, Gravity Falls, and my hometown, they would match up to four of the stars. (My hometown has high amounts of radioactivity, and an island nearby used to be used to test probbably-nuclear secret military weapons) Our street (who's name translates to Up/Rise, the opposite of fall, of course) had…

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  • Mango Dolphin

    OC's/Original Characters List

    Gravity Falls

    Mango Aquaris Dolphin


    Her full name comes from a forum I participated in, but now she's a chat OC.

    Strange and quirky, Mango is an enthusiastic potion crafter and wizard. She is very wise, but she clouds such with a bouncy and happy personality to friends. She lives deep in the Gravity Falls forest.


    Chat: Mango came from a region a few dimensions away. Her trainer had died, so she spent her time learning English language and soon advanced to magic, in where she was able to force her way from the Pokemon Universe to the Gravity Falls universe by breaking the fourth wall.

    Forum: Mango is a rare, endangered foxen with the attitude of a cat and the attributes of aquatic mammals. Out of the …

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  • Mf99k


    March 24, 2013 by Mf99k

    Attention EVERYONE!

    there's going to be a few changes from now on

    First of all, Achievements are now unlockable. You might not see them yet, we're working on it, but you can now earn them. 

    Chat and Blogs are now usable. 

    Commenting on all articles will be available soon. 

    PLEASE START GETTING INVOLVED. We need to get this wikia going.

    Note: these changes also come with a few new rules. You can view them here

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