Lindsay is a sixth grader girl who lives in Gravity Falls. Her great great great father was Quentin Trembley. Her dad gave her book one. It was a tradition started by Quentin's unknown son, who wrote the books. Her bffs are Mabel and Grenda. She dislikes Candy because she has a crush on " her man", Dipper. She dislikes Wendy and Pacifica for that, too. She has blonde hair that she puts a ponytail in, wears either a Gravity Falls Gobblin' Turkeys jersey, or a sweater Mabel made for her. She wears basketball shorts and converse. She likes to play basketball and paintball. She knows all the secrets to Gravity Falls, but is afraid to tell them because of all her "enemies". She is also one of Stan's favorite customers. She watches many cartoons and Ducktective. She used to have a talking macaw, but now has a canary named Flip-flop because of his floppy wings. Despite her age, many people think she is the same age as Mabel and Dipper. She is by far the most mysterious character in Gravity Falls, and is seen by Dipper as someone to study. Sources have seen her on dates with Gideon, and during Summerween, she dresses as Me-Mow and makes notes on EVERYONE. She is also the only one who knows about McGucket. She has more official power then anyone else. It is unknown if you should trust her.