Background information
First seen
Honors and awards Master of Spells
Character information
Full name Brad Yak Landform
Other names Mr. Landform
Birthday June 16, 1997
Goal To become a babysitter of Alexis Shadow's children
Home 619 Gopher Street (next to the Mystery Shack)
Relatives Orphan
Pets Brianna (pig), Troy (giant 4-eyed dog)
Allies Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Stan, Wendy, Alexis, other protagonist RP characters
Enemies Wodahs, any antagonist RP characters or monsters
Likes Spells, books, babies, destroying monsters
Dislikes Attacked, non-manners
Powers and abilities Using spells from 953, super speed
Weapons Sword
Quote When your friend wants to kill a monster, you do too.

Brad Yak Landform is a 15-year old OC not only used in RP on the chat, but in fan episodes on the creator's blog. He owns two books, 6 and 953. 953 has spells in it and Brad has mastered all 2000 of them. He owns a sword and has super speed, a power of his former vampire form he had.

He has two pets, a pig named Brianna who is orange, and a giant, brown 4-eyed dog named Troy. He used to have a mom and dad but ran away and used his super speed to create a mansion next to the Mystery Shack. He has always wanted to babysit Alexis' children since they were born. Some people call him Mr. Landform.

Major RP HistoryEdit

He originated from an RP where he began dating Mabel and soon noticed that being a vampire started making him uncontrollable and made him try to kill them. He got melted by the sun and licked up by Brianna, whom Brad was reborn inside of. His upper half was human and he was half pig.

He later somehow ended up at the movies where Mabel and Mason (RP character) were. Brad's mom and dad gave him a potion at the movies to turn him back human, but it got rid of Brianna and Brianna no longer existed. He kept his super speed through this change, but was no longer a vampire.

In his second RP, Jasmine (RP) lost all her creatures and Brad joined in to help find them. Throughout the search they had been attacked a few times and Brad had once gotten stuck inside a giant toad and gotten out.

When they were stuck with a dragon, Brad ran into the woods and into a tree, and 6 and 953 fell out of the leaves and onto him. He used 953's "DISINTEGRATUS" spell which only made the dragon disintegrate and then go back intact, double its size. He tried it again and it was triple its size. Brad finally used a spell to get rid of it and everything went back to normal.

All history after that is too minor, basically normal RPs that can't be remembered.


These are his appearances outside RP.

Gravity FallsEdit

  • Gravity Falls: The All-Seeing Eye

Gravity Falls: Friends UniteEdit

  • S1E1: Merry Mystery
  • S1E2: Duck-tective Productions
  • S1E3: First Day of School
  • S1E4: Mystery Chat
  • S1E6: The Hard Legend of Reppid
  • M1: Gravity Falls: The Two Sides of Waddles
  • S1E7: Shadow World


  • This is BradGF's primary RP character.