Clarrissa is a fairy and one of the four races in the Allegiance of Enchanted Diminutives Who Reside in Gravity Falls(or AEDWRGF), a group of people who are strained by kidnappings of heirs, but united from the loyalty by the kidnappers. She is what Jeff refers to when he says, "Long story short, us Gnomes have been looking for a new queen."

History: Clarrissa was kidnapped by the Gnomes, the Fairy's 'pulling' race of the AEDWRGF, and forced to become queen, six months before Mabel. However, she escaped, and after a stressed week of avoiding a thousand searchers, was able to slip away. She is indebted to Mabel for her twist of love with 'Norman', but in an odd loop of fate is forced to hate them because Mabel has broken the system keeping the AEDWRGF in order. She is the last hope to avoid war, along with her few friends who have moral connections to people supporting Mabel Pines.

Appearance: Clarrissa is a fairy about the size of the Gnomes, which are the standard AEDWRGF height. She has pale pinkish orange skin with a pearly tone, shoulder-length silvery hair, and gossamer gold wings. Her standard dress is a shoulderless pale blue-green leaf dress that goes to her knees with copper tone shoes. More recently, she has adopted a rough dress to her sturdy moccasins that possesses the ability to shift.