Fluffy size comparison

Fluffy McCuddles is Mirra's pet roc. 

Background information
First seen "Roc and Roll"
Voice Unknown
Character information
Full name Fluffy McCuddles
Other names

"Big Silly"

Personality Intelligent but very clumsy due to size
Appearance Black with white "eyebrows" and belly
Goal none
Home Gravity Falls, OR
Friends Mabel, Mirra
Enemies Pacifica, gnomes
Likes food, flying, hanging upside down
Dislikes not eating whatever he wants
Powers and abilities  Giant, not affected by size changing crystals
Weapons size, beak and talons


Fluffy is about a 12 foot tall, gigantic bird. He is mostly black, with a   white belly and white eyebrows. His down feathers are thick enough for a person to hide in.

Other InfoEdit

Fluffy has a a way of comunicating with humans by trying to form his squawks into words. Mirra is the best at understanding him.

Fluffy is omniverous, though he prefers meat. This is often a problem for Mirra, who has to make sure that he doesn't eat people.



  • Fluffy's appearance is based on the bird known as a Willie Wagtail. 
  • His enourmous size is not due to the size changing crystals.