Liza Northwest is a fun loving fairy girl who is also Pacifica Northwest's cousin


Liza was first seen on the street with the dangerous litter by Mabel. Mabel takes her home, and gives her a complete makeover. Now, she looks kind of like this: Mabel, with black hair, that changes constantly, a rainbow sweater with a black star white skirt


Nothing like her cousin, Liza hates being rich, and beleives in the strange things that happen here. She likes to appear a nut to strangers, and is okay with that.


Has two blue-green eyes, that compliment her very pale skin. An upturned, small, pointy nose that looks just like her cousin's. Her hair is long, curly, and constantly color changing. Her trademark peice of clothing is now a pointsetta that she wears behind her left ear


  • She was created by Mabel Ella Pines
  • She appears in the Fan Fiction- Little Piece of the Universe, on
  • A photo will be added, once M.E.P. iis done drawing it.
  • She promises, the picture will not be done soon...


  • Dipper
  • Mabel


  • Max
  • Pacifica