"Marky" Mark Consite is one of the preformers in the Psychic Pyramid and current holders of one of the books.


Consite grew up in Cool Ranch, Texas. During his life there, he found Book 28 in his family barn. After his family moved to Gravity Falls, Oregon, he met Dipper. The two became good friends, and the same went with Mabel. When he started to preform at Gravity Falls' Psychic Pyramid, he started to see a plethora of phenomenon. He solved mysteries himself from the haunted house of the Maddison family, sytar sitings, Big Hands the sasquatch, and the waterfall yeti. He always gets anywhere in luxury using a limo.

S1e4 gideon with hands up


Consite is a mellow, easy going person for his age. He can get scared easily though, but if only something randomly appears.


Consite Has black hair, white gloves, a teal tuxedo and pants, a Texas badge, a bolo tie with an aquamarine in the middle, a grey shirt under his tuxedo, and mustard colored shoes.


  • Consite usually has an entrance theme in the Psychic Pyramid that is similar to WWE wrestler JBL
  • The bolo tie is not magic
  • No one knows how Consite got the Texas badge
  • Cool Ranch is a refrence to an area in the Kingsisle game Pirate101
  • The limo Consite uses is also a refrence to JBL, but the license plate in the front says "MMC"