Valerie's parents were closely involved in a secret society, one who knew of the existence of mythical beings, but they were soon pulled into trouble. When Valerie's mother, Alice, was pregnant with Valerie, the society wanted to use Alice and the unborn Valerie in an experiment so see if the traits of the mystical beings could be passed on, without a person becoming that creature (e.g. for a human to be able to live underwater, like the Loch Ness monster, without becoming another sea monster).

Valerie's parent's wouldn't let the society experiment on their unborn child, so they fled to Gravity Falls, but they didn't know about a small experiment... (See "Abilities" down below for more)


Valerie is a bright, fun-loving and opimistic person, but she can be mean, sharp-tongued, and down-right sassy when people are mean to her friends, or just think that they are superior, meaning her and Pacifica Northwest get along worse than a bathtub and a cat with rabies. However, when she's with her friends, she is kind and always looks out for her friends.

She is also very determined, and won't give up if someone needs her.


When Valerie's mother, Alice, was pregnant with Valerie, she was unknowingly in an experiment. When Valerie was born, she had a distinct birthmark on her scalp, in the shape of an eye, signifying her power.

She has a minor ability, she can sense future events, giving her fast reflexes. Her parents also believe that, as her abilities have grown and become more prominent as she grew, her abilities would reach their peak when she finished puberty, and since her turning 12, she has had dreams showing flashes of the future, but they are distorted, and she can't make sense of anything.

She also is quite talented musically, and can play piano, guitar, banjo, flute, tenor sax and can sing quite well. On top of this, she as quite athletic, and can run for long periods of time.


Valerie is slightly smaller than the average 12 yr old, but not much. She also has bright red hair that is mostly straight, but goes curly when she leaves it to dry naturally. She also has quite fair skin, and brown eyes.

She mostly wears bright, slightly girly clothing (but not as bright as one of Mabel's legendary sweaters) and tends to wear baseball pumps as she is always moving and can't stay still for too long. She also wears a black fedora with a ribbow around it, but the colour/style of the ribbon changes constantly.

Random factsEdit

- Her favourite colour is silver

- She has only traveled outside the US twice, once to England and once to Japan.

- She is close friends with the Pines family

- She has a collection of hats

- She only has 5 freckles on her whole body