Caroline "Cherrie" Pines is Stan's Great Granddaughter. She is nicknamed Cherrie for her red hair. She is daughter of Zeus(The Thunder God). Cherrie hates her real name and is really sporty. She plays soccer for the Gravity Falls Gnats(name MabelPines11 randomly came up with) and she also plays softball. Cherrie has a temper she gets from her dad. Whenever she is angry, frustrated, or very happy her hair gets frizzy with static electricity. She is 14, 2 years older than Mabel and Dipper Pines. She is there cousin. She is protective of them and always goes with them on their adventures unless she is busy. She has a crazy fear of bees. (MabelPines11 will add a photo of a drawing of her when she gets through.) Also, Cherrie never liked her younger sister, Kataline who disappeared in the woods 5 years ago.