Dib Membrane is the son of Professor Membrane, and the older brother of Gaz. Together, Dib and his family have moved to their summer home in Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer.


Dib is an intelligent, 12-year old preteen paranormal investigator, and because of this, everybody believes he is crazy. His extraterrestrial enemy, Zim, has come to gravity Falls believing something there will aid him in his "conquest" of Earth, and because of this, Zim and Dib encounter each other and have arguments and fights often. Dib is perhaps one of the most antisocial people you'll have ever met, having no friends, and constantly decribed as having, as Professor Membrane put it, "An ENORMOUS head"!


Dib is a short 12-year-old boy with black hair styled into a scythe-like hairdo, and wears glasses. he wears a black jacket, a blue shirt with a gray face on it, gray pants, and black boots.