-Dilan is the only younger sibling of Mabel and Dipper. She wears old sweaters of Mabel's, and looks up to her as a hero. She is an uncontrollable nine year old that has a crush on Gideon.

-Amy is a 13 years old sister of Mabel and Dipper. She knits her own sweaters and has a crush on Robbie. She is also very nervous on stage.

-Xavier is the 15 yar old brother of the twins. He is pals vwith Robbie, and is in love with Tambry. he wears multiple Nike and Pitt Cola clothes, and is a normal teen.


-Pepper Pines is another sibling. Most info is unknown.

-Jakobi is the infant child. He is still in Piedmont for safety reasons.

All have IGs except Jakobi.