A Dipper in The Hand is one episode in a series of fanisodes by Mf99k. 


When Stan gets a new client to sponsor him, Dipper  and Mirra immediately suspect him of something. After the client takes Mabel away to give her a present, Dipper and Mirra assume she is in trouble and go to rescue her. However, Mabel appears unharmed with her present, the human-sized hamsterball from Legend Of The Gobblewonker.

Dipper still doesn't trust the client, who's name is Circio, so he forces Mirra to come with him to spy on Circio. After they both get captured, Mabel helps them escape by crashing her hampster ball into Circio's house. After escaping on a motorcycle, Circio pursues them with a helicopter, and quickly recaptures Dipper.

Inside the helicopter, Circio brings out a futuristic device that turns Dipper into a bird. He releases him in the middle of the forest, and captures Mirra when she tries to figure out what happened to Dipper. However, before he can turn her into a bird as well, Mabel comes to the rescue riding her giant feathered friend Fluffy . Mirra tackles Circio before he has a chance of turning either of them into birds, and Fluffy destroys Circio's helicopter as they take off.

Once they land, Mirra explains what she thinks is going on to Mabel. Based on what she knows, Mirra thinks that Dipper might be near a creek. Meanwhile, Dipper meets another bird of the same species and ends up being introduced to the bird, Ouziel's, friends. After finally being found by Mabel and Mirra after escaping from Ouziel's party, the trio tries to figure out how to turn Dipper back to normal. However, Ouziel, who is convinced that Dipper is a bird and in danger, follows them and tries to "rescue" Dipper.

Cinclus Pynus


the cryptogram in the end credits is a keyword cipher, it reads: AVAQY CBKK FBS GTS DGOOAQ


  • the character, Circio, who debutes in this episode, is similar to a genderbent Circe, a villian from Greek mythology