The Alliance is a group of four races that constantly kidnap one another: the masculine Gnomes, the all-gal Fairies, the all-men Elves, and the feminine nymphs, who always take from the next race listed. This affection creates a loyalty among them. Instead of punishing Jeff for breaking the code with Mabel, they seek to destroy humanity and are planning for war. However, there are a few individuals(Clarrissa and Grendilin the fairies, Shmebulock and Corkono the gnomes, Skywater and Landfire the nymphs, and Thistletree and Spyreoak the elves) who are indebted to citizens of Gravity Falls, and have formed a secret place to meet while they prepare to save the town humans.

Allies: Eachother

Enemies: Mabel Pines(for breaking the pact), Dipper(the only one with any data on AEDWRGF), everyone in Gravity Falls(they are enemies of war)

Appearance: Gnomes: Red hats, black shoes, green shirt, blue overalls(now all in brown with spears for war) Fairies: Same height as Gnomes, usually in shoulder less dresses in various shades that go to the knees, shoulder length hair, long wings their size, and small shoes(now in knee boots, with fortified tunics that have shoulders to the elbows with swords for war) Elves: Same height as Fairies, usually in green or blue loose clothes with long pointed ears(now in brown leather with bows for war) Nymphs: Same height as Elves, are one of four elements(Earth, Wind, Water, Fire) and two zones(Land and Sky) with the choices reflected in their skin, loose dresses, long hair, and tiny heels(now in leather outfits with Spirit Channelers for war)