The COFSS is a grouping created by Mirra based on her researches of the Ursa Terra (aka Cinclus) Ley lines. 

She only knows for sure what four of them are. Each creature represents a star on the Big Dipper and a location on the Ursa Terra

  • 1 (undiscovered) "C-Turdle"     star Alkaid
  • 2 (undiscovered) "Murdfish"/"Merfish", element Memory star Merak
  • 3 (undiscovered) "Breagle" element Patriotism star Dubhe
  • 4 (undiscovered) "Thermal Buffalo" element Power star Phecda
  • 5  Aoshima         element halucination star Mizar
  • 6 Bill / "Mr. E Triangle" element mystery star Megrez
  • 7 Fidrardif       element twin star Alioth
  • 8 (minor) Aoshima's Rainbow star Alcor

Mirra often keeps specific information about the locations of the Ursa Terra to herself due to confidentiality. However, she has mentioned that the places represented by Mizar and Megrez are in almost the same longitude, and that Alioth is Piedmont.

Canon/Major Stars:Edit

Alioth: FidrardifEdit


Giraphics under the bridge

Fidrardif, also known as Giraphics, is a two, sometimes three headed Giraffe who resides under a bridge in Piedmont. It often disguises itself as a mural. Often irritable and agressive, it swings its heads to attack, the horns on its head can be used as clubs, and sometimes contact will cause the target to multiply into several bodies, normally representing different parts of their subconscious and conscious minds. This effect often wears off between an hour to a week, and there are other quicker methods of curing the effect.

Mizar: AoshimaEdit

Aoshima is a dolphin in his unaltered state, and unlike Mabel's halucination, looks like an ordinary, blue dolphin. He is often seen with a yellow, scaley starfish, which can transform into a bowtie when he enters his heightened state and grows arms(the starfish does not grow arms, to remove any confusion). His home territory is surrounded with several islands and the mainland. He sometimes causes illusions and mirages in these areas, causing people to see boats and oil rigs that aren't there, and sometimes cause the islands to warp when vieved from the mainland.


symbols representing the seven stars in the heptagon