Jackie is currently a resident in Gravity Falls, Oregeon. She's a natural escape artist and thief.


Jackie is a 16 year-old girl who lives in Gravity Falls. She usually goes on adventures with her best friend, Rebecca Nile.Jackie came to Gravity Falls because she was looking somewhere to stay for a while with a lot of adventure in the area instead of her old drab place back in England.

Jackie originated from America but was sent to London at age 10 shortly after being claimed as one of the god Hermes' demigod daughters in Camp Half-Blood. It is soon revealed that Jackie's last name is Castellan and resulting in being Luke's never spoken about sister, they were seperated when Mae Castellan (the mother of the two) soon went insane and young 10 year-old Luke told young 5 year-old Jackie to run away somewhere far from their mad mother. Jackie soon settled in Camp Half-Blood (before Luke arrived) but when she departured she was never spoken of again.

In London, Jackie was constantly switching form foster home to foster home since she was an orphan an a mischevous trouble-maker, and having a mangy raccoon along didn't help. She soon got tired of all the moving and transfers that she ran off and sneakily caught a ride in one of the large ships importing goods to the US.


Jackie has a short temper and is a prankster and she usually listens to music on her iPod while napping on a tree. She has ADHD and dyslexia, but she is working on controling herself. Her compassion for others doesn't show so often but normally reveals itself when someone very close to her is in trouble or need.


Jackie a British girl with a fair complexion who has brown wavy/curly hair, streaked with dark blue. Also, she occasionally wears a dark sweater with weird designs, along with skinny jeans and combat boots. Her eyes are a mix of blue-grey but turn ice blue when her she's worried or emarrased but turn forest green when she's intense or angry.


  • She was created by Pandora19.
  • She has a pet raccoon named Bandit.
  • She is currently in possesion of Book 1.
  • She has the ability to freezes things.
  • Her eyes turn bright blue when she's mad, sad, or embarrased.