Kataline "Kat" Pines is the 12 year old great granddaughter of Stan Pines. She is Cherrie's younger sister. She has brown hair with blue and purple streaks. She usually wears blue high heels with a blue t shirt, purple skirt, and blue leggings. She has green eyes and is pretty tan. Kat got lost in the woods at age 7. Stan found her outside the Mystery Shack. Kat claims that a spector led her out for free as soon as Kat found her. The spector turns out to be Macy Reene, who Stan gave a necklace that choked her to death when Macy was 12 herself. Soon after Kat returned, she went off in the woods to go get her shoe that Cherrie threw in there. Macy quickly sees her and possesses her. Possessed Kat takes action quickly trying to kill Stan. Luckily Dipper and Mabel find a special syrum in the woods and have to give it to Possessed Kat. When Kat returns back to normal, she thanks the twins and then she goes off in the woods never to return to go catch Macy and stop her for good. Kataline is still said to be searching for the spector. (MabelPines11 will soon add a photo of which she drew as soon as she finishes it.)

Credit to: MabelPines11 for history and appearance. ACursedDoor for the name