Mars Interplanetary Exploration Unit #4, aka "M-4CK".

M-4CK (Mars Interplanetary Exploration Unit #4) is an exploration unit from the planet Mars. His mission is to find any information that could lead to finding an immunity to bacteria (which had wiped out a previous Martian invasion in the year 1898), but fortunately, is too incompetent to do so. The unit was originally supposed to arrive in a jungle, but it's course had drastically changed and it accidentally landed in Gravity Falls, Oregon. It is currently searching for anything that could aid in a germ immunity, as well as something that could help in another invasion.


M-4CK resembles a 7-ft. tall Martian Fighting-Machine. Like almost all Martian technology, M-4CK is made of an unknown bright gray, reflective metal, which bears similarity to aluminum. He has one bright green eye under a long, crested hood, with two searchlights beside the eye. He bears 4 metallic tentacles made of interlocking discs, 1 of which carries a Heat-Ray, and on occasion, a Black Smoke canister launcher (A weapon that fires a canister that shatters upon impact, releasing a black toxic gas). He bears three stilt-like legs, that squirt green smoke from their joints, possibly a form of exhaust.


M-4CK's artificial intelligence core was damaged upon impact with Earth, and as a result, he acts rather incompetent. He bears selfish, intelligent, ignorant, clumsy, and ocassionally paranoid traits.


Being Martian technology, M-4CK is fairly powerful, but has some quirks. He uses his Heat-Ray in different ways, from destroying targets, to even simply blowing up a building for his own amusement. He resorts to his Black Smoke canister launcher when the Heat-Ray is not in use, specifically using it merely to avoid destruction of property and only to suffocate certain organic objects.