Mirra is a mysterious teenage girl. After being employed by Stan at the Mystery shack to do office work, she manages to befriend the twins, though Dipper is always suspicious of her. She often disappears for long periods of time.

Background information
First seen "Mirra Mirra on The Wall"
Voice Mf99k
Character information
Full name Mirra N.T.
Other names Mirror Mirrage

Mirracle Cass Din

Personality Slightly clumsy, curious, fidgety, creative, easily distracted
Appearance Dark brown hair, brown eyes, freckles
Birthday 1997 (age 16)
Occupation forced volunteer at The Mystery Shack
Goal To get out of Gravity Falls
Home somewhere in California
Relatives J.A. Rathbone (great great grandfather)
Pets Fluffy McCuddles, Doot
Friends Mabel Pines, Wendy Corduroy, Soos
Minions none
Enemies Gideon, Entropy
Likes Birds, arts and crafts, making assumptions, cute things, singing
Dislikes Fourest or Entropy messing with her, people thinking that she's lying, the beach
Powers and abilities can talk to birds, has dreams about the future
Weapons Keystone, bow and arrow [rarely]

"When life gives you lemons, shoot arrows at them for target practice."


At a young age, Mirra was special. Her first memory was from mere minutes after she was born, and strange things were apt to happen to her. Until she was 5, she would occasionally hear voices inside her head, sometimes so tangible she would ask who had spoken. For a time things seemed normal, but around the age of 12, she started receiving encrypted messages from parallel worlds. Most of these she dismissed as a side effect of an overactive imagination and ignored, while others were just too paranormal to shake off. For a while she lost herself in confusion, then came back to reality and forgot about these events unless someone happened to mention them. She convinced herself that ghosts and things were not real, until she was attacked by one.

After a few years, things seemed normal. But they weren't. Even though it took her over a year to understand what was happening, she became aware that something was distinctly not right. The world seemed to shape itself to pull her towards some sort of predestined path. It was as if some extra dimensional force was pushing her forward, brainwashing her in some way. If only she knew about Bill Cipher then...


She often acts nervous or fidgety, and sometimes acts suspicious. She likes spending time with the twins. If she gets excited, she acts similar to Mabel. When frustrated, she usually has a hard time keeping it together and may make hissing sounds similar to malfunctioning electronics to avoid yelling.


"True stories are the best stories."

"You really start to question reality when you discover things like pixelated trees"

"The sparkles have gained consciousness! *falls in lake*"

"Guys, I found a tree with a ladder!"

"Destiny is great at being captain obvious sometimes."

"Sometimes I look at the Keystone and try to make sense of my life."

"Ok, so the evil giraffe-thing is attacking us now..."

"I'm just listening to radio.... underground..."


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  • Mirra wears a retainer, but only in bed
  • She has a birthmark shaped like the original symbol on Stan's fez on her right elbow.
  • though rarely seen, she has freckles in the shape of the constellation cassiopeia on her left cheek
  • also rarely seen, she has a small patch of silver hair from an injury when she was little.


New universe

Old universe

"Danger For Breakfast"

"Mirra Mirra On The Wall"
"A Dipper in The Hand"

"Hardcore Manticore"
"Mirracle Cure"
"Phantom of The Art Room "
"Where There's a Will, There's a Waterfall"