Other names

The Nightmare Wizard, The Power Orb, Star sphere, Robed Nightmare


Manipulation of fear; morphing of physical form, Firing death stars, teleportation


Himself; evil


To plunge the Earth into darkness and fear

Nightmare is an evil and malevolent entity residing in an unknown location in Gravity Falls, Oregon. It's age is unknown, as are it's origins, and it plans to spread the Earth in darkness and fear.


Nightmare is a creature of darkness, evil, and fear. As such, it's appearance is rather dark. It's true form bears a transparent cloak, or cape, which is sometimes used to teleport to various locations. It bears a long chin and sharp nose, and wears sunglasses. It wears a golden necklace with a ruby embedded in it. Nightmare bears a horned gold crown. It has thin, bony hands (which strangely float; lacking arms), which can fire destructive star-shaped bursts of energy out of the fingers. In it's Power Orb form (which it usually appears as to it's victims), it is a dark blue floating, spinning sphere with a pink aura. It is decorated with many silver star tattoos in this Orb form.

Nightmare in it's Power Orb form.


Nightmare desires to conquer the Earth, and has the powers to do it. Nightmare can manipulate whatever fear is in the air, merge it all together, and fire it at whatever he desires. It can form a shadow into an energy blast of darkness, as well as conjuring star-shaped blasts of deathly energy. It can fire blade-like pulses of electricity in it's Power Orb form, as well as blue star-shaped shurikens made of dark energy. It can teleport in a limited range with it's cape, which is impenetrable. It has a weak spot, though: A spinning, tornado-like accumulation of darkness inside it's cape. This it will sometimes use to drill into it's victims.