Phantom Phi is a mysterious hero that has control over birds.

Full name Phantom Phoebe
Personality Mysterious
Appearance  black and white bird costume
Occupation superhero
Goal unknown
Minions Fluffy McCuddles, Lady Fabelton, Saylord, Phebaron
Enemies Pacifica
Likes Birds
Dislikes People trying to find his/her secrets
Powers and abilities can talk to birds,  levitate, avikinesis
Weapons bow and arrow


Minions and IdentityEdit

Lady Fabelton's identity is made relatively obvious, even though Dipper doesn't recognise Mabel at first in the dark meeting room.

Saylord and Phebaron's identities are never revealed.

Phantom Phi's identity is only revealed in the end credits, when she is seen with Mabel.


Phantom Phi wears a black hoodie with a beak, and "wings" attached to the sleeves, as well as a tail. The hoodie has eyes painted on it, and a white belly. Phantom Phi wears shoes that resemble bird talons.


  • Avikinesis
  • Levitation
  • Avian mimicry
  • Fast and agile


  • The Greek letter Phi(φ) represnts the golden ratio, the number 1.618. The number 618 is extremely common in Gravity Falls. Phantom may refer to the inverse of this number, -0.618
  • The name Phantom Phi is short for Phantom Phoebe.


Phantom of The Art Room