Rebbeca Nile is a resident in Gravity Falls, Oregon and a friend of Jackie, Dipper and Mabel.


Rebbeca is a fourteen-year old girl who was born in Gravity Falls. She accompanies Dipper and Mabel Pines on their adventures. Rebecca is Jackie's best friend. She has a few disorders such as ADHD and dyslexia, but unlike Jackie she has some control her ADHD but she unfortunately cannot take over her dyslexia. At times, she can be a bit stubborn.


Even though she has a few disorders, she cares for the people that are close to her including her family and best friend. She is also very adventurous and a bit like Jackie except she like to draw instead of listening to music all day.

Physical appearanceEdit

Rebecca has spiky, short, jet black hair. She also wears a purple shirt, black director vest on top, tattered jeans and leather boots.


  • This character was made by Pandora19, one of the chat moderators on the Wiki.
  • Rebecca is not very good at taking care of living things such as plants.
  • She has the ability to create fireballs and can heat things.
  • Her nickname is Rebba or Becca.