Violet NorthwestEdit

Violet Northwest is the younger sister of Pacifica Northwest. She can shape-shift into a Kitsune.


History Edit

Violet was born december thirty-first, 1999. She became friends with Angel When she was about four years. She was bitten by the spirit of a kitsune when she was ten years old.Edit

Social LifeEdit

Violet has a slight crush on Dipper, although she'd never tell anyone.

She's very good friends with Jesse, despite the fact that she often teases him.

She's best friends with Angel, Although she thinks that her friend is slightly odd.

Although she acts like she's good friends with Flower, Violet despises the crazy eight-year-old and does her best to avoid her.

When it comes to Pacifica, Violet doesn't really like her sister, as she knows what Pacifica does to her good friend, Mabel. Although when her sister's in need, Violet carefully gives her a hand.


A bit rude at times, Violet tends to keep to herself and doesn't talk much.

When she's around friends, Violet is often times a big goofball, joking around and teasing her friends. She can be somewhat girly at times.

Physical appearance Edit

Violet truthfully has blond hair, but she dyes it black with amber highlights. Her eyes are gray-blue, and her skin is slightly pale. she never does much with her hair besides giving it a large amount of conditioner and brushing it.

Her common outfit would be jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and her neaklace.

As for her Kitsune form, Violet has black-as-night fur, with deep blue eyes. Her three tails have differnet star patterns on them.


Her Kitsune form can bite people with a cutting slice, eaisly reconizing stars, and protecting the moon.Violet's natrual skills include grammer, naming each popular star, and easily beating people up.