Zandra GiminweskiiEdit

Zandra Giminweskii is :

She is an evil girl, who wants nothing but to someday have her own army of clones. She acts sweet to get close to people, and then steals their stuff. Her favorite hobbies include stealing, mooching, and running away. She is very fast because she has been running from the law since she was 4, and can name every cop in Oregon with first, middle, and last name.

She has raven black hair, intimidating dark purple eyes, and very pale skin. She has large feet, and long fingernails. She likes to wear long, black dresses and a veil over her face. She has always been a pretty girl, but never shows her face for fear of police, FBI, and other government agencies that are from Mexico and Canada. Usually, she tells people she likes to travel, but in reality she just runs to and from places.

Her current goal is to find Quentin Trembly's comb, which just so happens to be under Grunkle Stan's couch, though he doesn't know it. He would like to though... it is alot of money, maybe $587.93...